Monday, March 24, 2014

Vampire Hunter D at MegaCon!

My Vampire Hunter D costume was perfect for Sunday! It was still busy, but still enough space for my shoulders to get through! Those shoulders!

But hey! I met this great Madalorian!!

And Demyx from Kingdom Hearts! "Dance Water, Dance!"

Oh oh oh! This big sister? She was actually the little sister I posed with the day before!

I love the Zelda games and this Skull kid was so awesome!

And who couldn't love some Kenshin? Check out Sano's sword!! These guys were so nice! This was the first anime I watched completely in just three days! Yeah, I didn't sleep. It was that good!

I went to a couple of panels this time and I was really looking forward to seeing the cosplaying, tap dancing group Noise Complaint! It was so much fun! Although none of them were professionals, the exuberance of the group was contagious!  Besides, who doesn't love dancing to video game and anime music?

I was sad leaving the con, but I got some great photos of my cape blowing in the wind! This costume was sooo comfy, and I was surprised at how many people recognized the character! Yay! Next time I think I need to work on my eyebrows so D looks a little less sad and a little more stern. Oh well, next time! :D

MegaCon!! Rydia and Houdini Splicer!

I am soo proud of myself for finally finishing all my MegaCon costumes before the event! Woot woot!

On the first day of Megacon I decided to dress causally since I wanted to spend more time at the con than getting into a costume. Enter casual Rydia costume!

P.s. Look at that beautiful R2D2! It rolled around, bounced back and forth, had a claw that came out and made all the same beeps as the original! So cool!!
But the best part was actually seeing another FF VI fan out there! Ta Da!! Rosa Joanna Farrell!
The second day of Megacon I busted out my splicer costume! Yay!

It was great to meet other bishock fans!

I went out for lunch and when I came back, this is what awaited.....MADNESS! But I found another entrance for people who pre-paid for their tickets. It was soooooo busy! Like I couldn't even bust out my camera busy! I ended up just walking around looking at costumes and then went back to the hotel later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Megacon Rush!

As MegaCon fast approaches I reflect back on what happened. I remember the part where I planned on making three costumes in time for Megacon (not happening) and how I spaced everything perfectly so I wouldn't be last minute doing everything! And mostly worked. I am proud of myself for having at least two costumes (almost) done and not pulling out any of my hair. :D

I finished Left Hand and he looks marvelous! I'm really excited! I'm really glad I attached him to a glove, it will make my life so much easier.

I also started and finished painting the inside of D's cape! And I also found out that my bathtub is not even close to three yards long.

I was originally planning on making D's armor with my vacuum forming machine. I totally forgot the part where I have to make my mold out of plaster.....Things were looking pretty grim, and then I remembered I had a bunch of leftover InstaMorph from Dragoncon!! Yay!!!

I was spray painting these this morning and my neighbor kept on looking over and smiling at me. And staring.....

I was planning on gluing a piece of leather to the bottom of my hat so it looked nice and shiny, but I totally forgot to look at the glue warning rule is basically if half the can has warnings about how you could die from cancer or have trouble breathing it's a no-no! Le sigh. But I ended up dying the bottom and it looks good too. I also added some apoxie scuplt decoration and a little chain for some added umph!

Here is a cool picture (which shows very little) and a crappy picture (which shows more) of my splicer costume! I promise better pictures soon!

Exactly how I feel! YAY! (

I'm soooooo excited! I'm just about done with everything, which is a good thing since I'm leaving tomorrow night.... I'll get some good pictures of everything together!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Lefty" And D's Hat Decoration!

 My lovely latex form actually worked this time!!! So happy! I ended up having to do five layers over three days! Whew!

This is a crappy picture of me starting to paint it. But hey!

I had to cut off the fingers of the gloves.  Now it's a naughty hand glove! Ha ha ha! Lies, I had to cut off that finger too.

I decided that it would be lots easier if I could connect Left Hand to the glove I'll be wearing. I'm also planning on dying it black with the hat and the belt.

And here we go for the hat decoration! Apoxie sculpt is the best!

Some of the parts had to dry so I had to hang them up on hangers. This one looked the best! Like ladies legs!

And the finished result! Yay! So happy. Lots and lots of Star Trek watching helped with this one!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hunter D's Acessories!

So Hunter D's big blue necklace! Yay! I wanted to add a nice shiny background!
 Or so I thought...I guess I read too many diy diamond shiny foils...

But when I added some crepe paper I had lying around, it looked really great!

Then I added a setting made of apoxie sculpt. This stuff is trick-y! It sticks like no other to EVERYTHING. Which is great when you want it to stick to your item. I let it cool a little bit and found it was easier to sculpt. But I added a nice border! And then I antiqued it with some paint.

I also made D's belt combo! I know it's super simple, but I am so proud of it! Although I'm not sure if I'll be using the upper half of it, it's nice to know I have it.

Oh oh oh! Guess what?! It's sad. That beautiful little latex piece of I was letting dry? Well some dude doing some maintenance work outside my apartment used a leaf blower on my box!! And it collected all this dirt and I had to do it all over again! Grrrrrr.

On another note, I'm starting D's white decoration on his hat. Yay!

Starting Houdini Splicer!

So my third costume I'm frantically trying to finish before Megacon is a Bioshock Houdini Splicer!
Well, maybe not frantically. Honestly it's coming along pretty swimmingly.

Here is the basic dress without the "bloody" white pieces I'm planning on adding. I know I know, it's almost like a sassy pinkish red! This is the only problem with ordering online with tiny pictures!

But this fabric is sooooooooo luxurious, I'm almost sad that I'm going to semi destroy it with a costume...almost. Except that this is going to look AWESOME, so I'm actually pretty excited.

I'm making the mask out of plaster. First I shaped my face out of aluminum foil, then I added plaster bandages.  Later I'll paint it after adding a ton of mod podge. Yay!