Saturday, December 27, 2014

Secret Santa! Lolita style!

I managed to finish all my little unicorn accessories, and it was off to the Secret Lolita party! I was super tired since I had to work an early morning shift, but I sat myself with a bottle of sake and enjoyed delicious sushi!

Everyone looked so nice!
 I loved the part where one of my friends wanted to do Loli mustaches! Ha ha ha ha!

I was so excited about my gift, a sheep ring! I decided to name him Yuki! I'm so happy about the fact that it'll be the year of the sheep, he'll be perfect for adventures!

I was kind of sleepy by the time we did individual shots, but I was very happy with my outfit nonetheless!

I'll end with a Lolita star of fun!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Unicorn Purse! Finished and Frilly!

I love unicorns so so much, (as I'm sure I mentioned previously) and had to make myself a purse to go with the rest of my unicorn outfit!

First I went to the local thrift store and found this gem! No stains, brand new, and 100% leather for only two dollars! Yay!
It had his cute little pocket thingy on the front that I had to remove so I could add the unicorn to the front! Bye bye!
I then sketched out a couple of unicorns to see what would look best. This was the winning design!

In order to trace it perfectly, I cut out the head and traced it with paint onto a piece of leather.
After that I added some black highlights and the rose petals!
I found some red ribbon and extra lace, and bam! Purse complete!!

I love it sooooooo much! It took me about two days to figure out which design would work best, but overall, it was a fun project!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unicorn outfit start!

I have a holiday Lolita meetup, so I wanted to make it totally unicorn themed! I found an ornament on ebay and went on a bidding war for it!
I have big plans for it! I'm totally doing a veil/bow for me to wear!
Since my veil fabric is a sage color (leftover from my Aigitha costume!) I also really wanted to add little wristcuffs to tie the outfit together!
 First I crafted little unicorns, then I decided I want to try enameling them. I had green, but it went decidedly blue! Also, it didn't seems to make a difference from my other oil based paints.....I like the part where the apoxie sulpt looked it it was burned?? And I thought that stuff was invincible!
Anyway, I used this great tutorial for the wrist cuffs here! This is the first one and I love it!

I was also busy making this custom piece from my shop! Feathers and peacocks galore!

And here is another piece where I added a little fabric brooch to this wooly sweater! So cute! I wish I could keep it!

Anyway, more magic to come soon!

International Lolita Day Meetup!

I'm so glad that I finished my Black and Pink number, because it was just in time for ILD and our little party!
 It was a lovely picnic! I was so excited about the food, cinnamon rolls and macaroons are delicioussssss!!

Oh, and we got stickers!! Ha ha ha!

It was such a lovely day, we just ended up blowing bubbles, playing on the playground and eating! One of our friends lived on a lake, so we picked flowers and lounged. It was so relaxing!

And here we have a picture of my dress in the sunlight! 

I had such a good time! Lolita 4Lyfe!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shoppee Shop Shopity!

The last week I've been very busy making a bunch of items for my etsy shop! So, because I'm so proud of myself, here are some photos!

Anyway, it's been a lot of fun, and it was also fun to take all the pictures! You can check out more fun things by clicking here!

Carousel Crazy!! Headband love!

Anyone who knows me knows I love carousels! Love them so much, that if I happen to see one I'll drop what I'm doing and ride it. I've even gone so far as to look up carousels and ride them!
Anyway, I really wanted a carousel horse for a headband! I spent hours searching etsy, ebay, storenvy and found....nothing! Well, nothing I was satisfied with!
Then like magic I found this fabulous second-hand toy shop, and found!!! An unused child's chew toy!

Luckily for me, I had eaten a honey treat and had kept the stick it came on! What good luck it was the same size as my new horsey!

I painted it gold and attached it with glue for a very awesome carousel horse!

I made a nice bow and some pink roses to go with it, and it is now my most favorite headband ever!!! In fact, I never want to take it off!

But mostly, I just want to go on another carousel ride...*Le Sigh!*

Lolita Dress! How to Take something almost...and make it awesome!

A couple of years ago, I decided to buy a dress that I thought had a lot of potential! I really wanted to wear it around town and (since it was dirt cheap) not worry about it getting dirty!

What can I say, the dress was so fun! I ended up wearing it to Universal studios, which was great! You can see photos of it here.

However, I really wanted to be able to make this a little more acceptable to wear (ha ha ha! Lolita style-wise anyway!) and try wearing sweet Lolita for the first time! I happened to find some chiffon with some lovely printed butterflies, that I thought would be perfect for adding a little dimension!
 It came with a little black apron that I decided to do away with, leaving the front open and pretty!
I took off the lace, added some chiffon with butterflies to the skirt and top and took oversized collar! I took the sleeves in (dramatically) and added bows, bows bows!!

I think it will work out perfect for my meetup! Sorry about the night-lit picture, I'm somewhat of a vampire, but I'll brave the sunshine soon for better pictures soon!