Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Embroidery for fun fun fun!!!

I had a great time adding this little flemish inspired piece to a scarf for a custom order. I was so happy she let me do whatever I wanted! I added a little fabric origami butterfly as an accent. And the best part? She loved it too!

I also made this great little monster hair clip for a friend! Those monster teeth are my favorite, and I love the little hearts! They were so much fun!

Renaissance Fair! Fantasy, fairies and friends!

There is nothing like going all dressed up with friends! I made this outfit in a day, it was really fun!
Doo, me and Bae Bae looking fabulous!! We had a great time walking around, although between the hat, wig and headdress, it was difficult for us to stand too closely together! Ha ha ha! 
Bae Bae the pirate, Me as a fairy!

Me as a fairy, Doo as fabulous as usual!

It was so fun to make the wings, they were so soft and fluffy!

I had a great time playing games, like this one! I ride a ziplined horse to attack a dragon! YAAAAH!!!

Or this one, throwing heads! I actually got two out of three, the third one was weighted funny..... Curse you fair games!! 
It was a great time, and I want to do it again!!!

Jellyfish Meetup!

There was a great Year of the Sheep celebration happening at the Japanese gardens, and our little group decided to do a meetup! I was happy (and lucky!) enough to be twinning! Nothing like being super matchy matchy with someone!

I had the Lost at Sea dress, but I really wanted to have a haunted headdress to go with it! So I made a little ship out of paper mache and glue sticks, then I added details with apoxie sculpt! I painted it all pretty and added some ribbons to boot!

I was also lucky enough to find this silver purse at the thrift store for two dollars! I added a million ribbons to it, and here is jellyfish bag!

It was so fun meeting up with everyone and I really want to twin again sometime!

Happy Year of the Sheep! --Yuki the sheep ring

Making a Jedi costume!

I was contacted to make a Jedi costume and I loved making it!! Her design was so cool, and it was great working with her ideas!
I ended up buying a vintage kimono for the top part, and used silk noil that I hand dyed and made into a skirt!

The kimono was so pretty, I scraped the plan of cutting it up, and ended up just adding an elastic piece to the skirt. It clipped int and was totally hidden by the belt! 

I also made a nice leather belt with a little loop for her lightsaber and a bag to fit her iphone and wallet!

I had to try it on (even though I had tailored it to fit her measurements!