Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Renaissance Fair! Fantasy, fairies and friends!

There is nothing like going all dressed up with friends! I made this outfit in a day, it was really fun!
Doo, me and Bae Bae looking fabulous!! We had a great time walking around, although between the hat, wig and headdress, it was difficult for us to stand too closely together! Ha ha ha! 
Bae Bae the pirate, Me as a fairy!

Me as a fairy, Doo as fabulous as usual!

It was so fun to make the wings, they were so soft and fluffy!

I had a great time playing games, like this one! I ride a ziplined horse to attack a dragon! YAAAAH!!!

Or this one, throwing heads! I actually got two out of three, the third one was weighted funny..... Curse you fair games!! 
It was a great time, and I want to do it again!!!

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