Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vacuum forming! REVISITED!!

So as you may or may not remember, I tried doing vacuum forming all wrong! I used the wrong clay, my oven was ill-equiped, and I think I even used the shop vac wrong. It was basically disaster!

So I am pleased to announce that I made an (almost) perfect pull!

First I had to make makeshift metal (shelves? thingys?) so that my piece of plastic could bubble like it is supposed to!

My first try I think I added too many things to the board, it ended up looking like eye-spy!
So I took everything off except the horn, and voila!

It ended up with some minor webbing, but hey! I'm pleased! It even picked up the detail! And!! I can cut this plastic with scissors from around my house!

Then I tried with a few small things! I think I let to plastic melt a little too much, so it kind of runched...

And it ended up not working to reheat the plastic once it was super runched.....
And then I had a minor emergency where my makeshift metal thingys fell off and burst into flame!

Yeaaaaaaah....but anyway, I'm very pleased and am looking forward to making more!

There and back again! Unicorn shoes!

Sorry sorry about not posting for a while. Life happens sometimes and unfortunately I have to go along with it instead of happily blogging and making fun things!

Oh a happier note, did you see those shoes that were released by irregular choice? Oh wow, unicorn heels???
I wanted some sooo badly, but I have such picky feet and $200 dollars was totally out of my price range for magic shoes!

So I decided to get some shoes I knew would fit off of ebay and make my own unicorn heels! Apoxie sculpt was my weapon of choice! Apoxie sculpt is my favorite, (basically indestructible) but it dries reeeeeally heavy! I chose shoes with a bigger heel so the inside of my unicorn would be "hollow"!

First step, research! I drew a picture of what I wanted on a piece of cardboard in the shape of the shoe.  I always laugh at my ridiculous sketches! When I was in college my art teacher kept asking me to re-do my sketches since they were so bad! Ha ha ha! But hey, as long as I get the general idea down, it works for me!

Then I used some clay to do a rough draft of what I wanted the unicorn to look like. I measured everything next to my sketch to make sure it fit the heel.

Once I was satisfied with that, I moved onto the apoxie sculpt!
First I had to put on the unicorn's behind and let it dry for about six hours. The tail kept drooping, so I had to get creative with how I propped it up!

Then after that it was just adding more and more and blending it all together. And waiting for each major piece to generally dry. 

And here we go!!!!! Yay!!

I totally ran out of white paint or this beautiful creature would be painted and sparkly! I also ran out of apoxie sculpt (I loooove that stuff) so I have to wait for more to finish the other heel! :-(  HURRY MAILMAN!!

But hey, total cost for making unicorn heels? $40 dollars!!! Yay!