Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's all coming together!

I sewed the mask almost to perfection! Look how great the sides look!

The little plastic piece looks like it's going to hold up great too!

Look how amazing it looks!! So exciting! I love being able to do this again!

Nausicca Dreams.

When I have a problem I find that if I sleep, most the time my brain figures it out.
I had a problem figuring out how to support the sides of the mask so I could attach the two breathing thingys without the mask collapsing on itself. Luckily for me I dreamed that I bought a gallon of milk, dumped out the contents and used the flexible plastic as a support. And that's exactly what I did! I love my dreams.
The plastic was perfect. I glued the bottom together, and then using my trusty glue gun, melted holes so I could attach it with ease to the mask itself. look perfect!

I got my dye in the mail, and I was dying to try it out! (ha ha ha ha!)

And to keep going with this gag, I present Worf!
I suppose today is a good day to die/dye!! 
 And hey, it turned out great! I used this great tutorial from the friendly fox. You can find it here.

Oh and here is my perfect box to dye stuff in! It was a good thing I used this too, I totally spilled dye and preparer all over! It came out a lot faster then I expected!

Life is Rosy!

And perfect in for my scraps of leather I have lying around! I always believe in using my fabric as much as possible!

I'm waiting for some hair clips in the mail, so as soon as they get here, it'll be a fabulous accessory! 

Bunny Jacket showdown!

I added some more fabric to the neck of the bunny jacket so the hood would sit very nicely without tugging on it.
And the best part is I added a perfect sleeve! Yay! I only did one, but it fits like a comfy glove. Although I need to add more ruffles and bows to the end!
 Bunny photoshoot!! Oh yeah, those smoking hot glasses are going fabulous with this!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Warrior of the winds!! Nausicaa Mask 2!

My second Nausicaa mask is really coming together fast!
I finished sewing the side...flap...thingys...and I added some plastic from a container I had to make it stick out a lot more.

This time I decided instead of generally sewing some leather together, I would actually make a pattern out of scrap fabric and duct tape!

I've seen this online before, but I never really believed it worked as well as everyone said. But duct tape is pretty similar to leather, so it was perfect!

Ta daaaaa!!

Then I cut it in half.

And I realized it would be perfect as bunny ears!! YAY!!!

Then I traced it, cut it, and sewed a seam down the bottom.

Now I just have to finish sewing the circle part, add the flap thingys, and dye it! Almost done!

A new Jacket!

Well, needless to say, my bunny jacket has been....not coming along as swimmingly as I had hoped! So while I sew and unpick and sew it again, on the side I've started working on another jacket. I'm thinking that if I can get this one right, I'll be able to solve the problems I've encountered with the bunny jacket!
So here it is! Yes, my brand new nautical themed jacket! How about that soft lens huh? Ooooooo yeah!

Anyway, since that picture didn't really show anything, here is another picture, also in the soft lens!

I found this super cute blue cotton fabric to line it with too!! Look at all those pretty lovely!
The best part about this jacket is the fact that I get to choose a bunch of buttons to put on it!!! Who doesn't love buttons? Especially ones that I found at an antique shop! So exciting!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Une bonne idée! For a bunny day!

First off, I have some very exciting news! At Dragoncon I met up with a matching Nausicca and we took a great photo together! She fell in love with my mask and asked me to make one for her! I'm excited about my first commissioned piece of work! I am also excited to make that mask again now that I've worked with leather a little bit more, I'm excited to try again!
That being first idea was a bust! Nooooo!
But I think I figured out another way to sew it, and I think it will poof out a little more too!

My other project is coming along swimmingly though, I lovingly present the bunny jacket!! Yay! It is soooo comfy and I love the ears!

That's it for now!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Whaahoo! First (almost!) completed dress!

I love dresses! Especially really romantic looking ones with puffy sleeves, lace everywhere and yards of fabric in the bottom part! Sigh.....
This dress isn't exactly that, but it's still really cute!

 I still have to sew the skirt part together and add a few bows and some more lace (you can never have too much lace!) But for the most part, mission accomplished!! I'm so proud, this is my first dress in a looooooooong time, and it looks so pretty! Oh also, I took a better picture of the garden party skirt! Yay! It's so comfy!

And just for fun, here is the almost finished shirt (just needs buttons!) and leather scarf I'm working on! More coming soon!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Garden party anyone?

I love love love love love tea and cake! Who doesn't really? The best part of an outdoor picnic is being with all your friends and eating great food. But the second best part is having a killer outfit to go with the party!
I now present my new favorite skirt! Check it out!
Okay, sort of check it out...I will be taking better photos of it later! But look at that fabric!! I love it!
Guess what's the best part of this skirt? It has pockets! Ahhhh, it's my true love!
And what garden party is complete without lovely chairs? Or in this case just one chair! I needed one that would fit under sewing table. Gone are the days where I am sitting on the edge of my seat while sewing!

I find it to be quite satisfactory!
Oh yeah, and check out my wall now! With the KosMos and Shatner pictures from Dragoncon on the wall, I can safely go to sleep knowing how awesome I am! Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding, but I am really excited about how pretty it looks now!

Crafty crafty crafty fun!

I just realized I haven't posted anything since Dragoncon!! I promise I've been working on things, I've just been busy now that I have to go back to work as well....siiiiigh...
On a better note, here's what I've been up to!
I've been talking about starting an Etsy shop for almost six months now, but inbetween working so much and preparing for conventions, I really haven't had much time! I've decided to make a conscious effort starting now!
Anyway, here is a shirt I've started making!

And Back!
I actually forgot to take pictures of it before I added the cuffs (which I had such a fun time taking photos of btw! Ha ha ha!) But I think it will be really nice looking!

I was also thinking of using a thick waterproof fabric for some cuff looking bracelets or something.... Or maybe a whole bunch more lace...Still working on that idea! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last Day of DragonCon fun!

On the last day of Dragoncon, I dressed up as a space fawn thingy since I wanted to do panels all day.  I didn't take too many pictures since I was learning the best places for wiring things, gadget building, leather making and good stuff like that!
But inbetween I got a picture of this Dark Crystal costume!!!! I was flashing pictures like a fangirl since he couldn't stop to take one!! Sooooo cool!!

I also went to the artshow (which was fabulous!) and met Luna Lovegood and Raccoon Mario! Yippee! I bought some fabulous pieces, I'll take some pictures once I frame them!

I met up with my cousin for the last time (boo hoo!). It was so nice meeting him, hopefully we'll go to a con together another time!

I bought this beautiful wig from Arda Wigs! It's so lightweight and pretty! This was my goodbye picture to Dragoncon! Thanks for the fantastic memories!