Monday, August 18, 2014

Loli Loli Life update!

I love hanging out with all my lovely Lolita friends. They are as lovely inside as on the outside! 
Badia Cupcake on facebook took this fantastic photo! It's so great, it looks like the haunted tea house!
*Scary Voice* [What happens in the tea house is serious business. Very serious.]
Ha ha, but here we have all the group!

This one makes me so happy! I love that everyone was up for pulling a funny face! I didn't actually make this dress I'm wearing, so no need for a closeup!

Mage updates!!

Ah yes, making two costumes + revamping costumes for Dragoncon, is always fun!
First up, check out the black mage hat!! It's so massive, and yet so light!

Bonus: it was also really easy to make, light chicken wire frame covered by thin leather!
I decided to make a little magic headdress to wear!

And here we have my beautiful white mage costume!

It's almost done, I want to make a massive poofy red bow to go on the front, I still have to embroider and attach the other sleeve.
I'm also considering adding some red to the hood....but I really don't want to cover up the lace!

Moogle friend visit!
I'm planning on making boots...which should be fun!

Oh, also, look at my plans for the moogle!!! So exciting!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

De Moogle Staff start!!

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog! But I promise I've been working hard! Here is a picture fest of what I've been up to! :D

I think I mentioned this before, but I am swapping with my friend (ie: he's helping with electronics and I'm helping with costume) so I am going to have a cool light up staff!
I found this neato picture of moogle with a staff and I had the great idea of making a miniature moogle to go on my own staff!
My plan is to have his little fuzzy poof be the light up part of my staff!
So first I made the wire body, and then covered it with scotch tape!

I also decided tried using paperclay....but just one little package was like 5 dollars and it didn't even cover the body! So yeah.....

I then found this great website about making your own paper mache clay (click here!) and it started layering!

He's soooooo cute!! I got excited and colored in the eyes before it was cute!!!!
'Till next time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

White Mage Bolero and Front!

I'm really excited that Dragoncon is coming up soon! I have big plans!! I have a friend who does electronics so he's going to help me put together a staff that lights up, and I'm going to help him with Black Mage costume!! Yay!!!

Here are two boring pictures, one of the main body of the costume, and then I had to do two layers of a crocheted tablecloth!

It's hard since the table cloth makes the costume really super thick, but luckily my sewing machine sews through leather!! But I think it would be almost impossible to unpick if I make any mistakes, so I have to just pin everything on to make sure it fits!
I really wanted to make this Mage costume as over the top lacy as possible! Thank you old woman who crocheted this amazing tablecloth, you are making me look good! P.s. forgive the crazy photos, this is me at 2am!
I also had to take apart the bolero that came off of the top of the wedding dress. I forgot that it had to fit over a really thick tablecloth costume! (hee hee! It sounds funny like that!)

And then it was onto the hood! I used my lovely cowl as a very very loose template...but It worked!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the large red triangles the original design has....The lace looks so lovely I don't want to cover it if I don't have to!

That's it for now!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Farewell Caterpillar!

Today I had to dismantle my beautiful caterpillar. It was very sad. He was the most benevolent creature I'd met to date.
Telling Secrets!
But before I took him apart, I took some lovely Alice in Wonderland themed photos!

It was great fun, and I got to use all my party decorations! I also pulled out my second edition Alice in Wonderland book, because it was perfect!
It was also tricky getting into that little space before the timer ran out on my camera!!
Until next time!