Friday, November 29, 2013

Asuka revamping!

My my my my my, this little suit has given me just one trouble after another!! So I figured today I would try and tackle it a little bit since I am going to be busy when the Christmas season starts!
And speaking of Christmas, check out this awesome present I got for me!! Ha ha ha ha!
But seriously can I just gush over this a little bit? Look at all those gorgeous pictures of Vampire Hunter D!!

Take me away D!! I'm all about the ridiculously strong, ridiculously handsome, ridiculously misunderstood types!

Now back to work. So I decided that since Asuka has these little black lines in the front of her outfit, I'd add some too, but with super super stretchy fabric that I had leftover!

I first made my "Y" shape out of cardboard...and then realized I didn't want to cut cardboard! So I did it out of paper and it worked much better!

Next I had to tape all the edges over...

And put the black material behind it...

I took a break to try and shape this red wig I got from I love this wig, but it kinda poofs in the back and the ends always go one way or another. So I got it a little wet and tried straightening it. It became less poofy, but the ends were still the same! Le Sigh!

Back to sewing!! Oh also, my friend lent me her sewing machine!! It's so much better than my 1970's one, I really really need to get a newer machine!

But anyway, here is the semi-finished product! I was in a beret sort of mood, so it made it into the picture as well! We can only hope that when the apocalypse comes Japan and Paris will survive so I can wear plugsuits and berets until the end of time!

I kinda think it looks like I have a face on my belly! BELLY MONSTER! Ha ha ha!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Asuka Evangelion Start!

So I just realized that the three costumes I'm planning on working on all have bodysuits! Ha ha ha! How did that happen? Obviously only the coolest of characters wear bodysuits.
So I  really wanted to make Asuka's plugsuit! Oh man, it's so pretty! And I knew just what I was going to do! I ordered a leotard/leggings pattern from ebay and some red pvc stretch fabric from! Oh yeah baby!

 I got my 1970's pattern (I showed it in my last post, but I might as well put it here anyway!) and was so excited about the detailed three page instructions inside the pattern book! How nice, I thought, you never see this in modern patterns!
Riiight, about that. So I started cutting my pants, and the first thing I noticed was that the woman this was made for must have had no the knees and where I was supposed to cut were the same I added some fabric that I thought would cover it.

 The next thing I noticed was the waist seemed like it was a little high, while the legs seemed really really short... but I just kinda brushed it all off, because I've never made leggings or a leotard, so i just kept going!
And it turned out I should have gone with my gut. Did women from the 70's not have butts or hips?! Because I had to add a giant piece in the back so I could get the darn thing to even fit!

And then there was the leotard...I was so excited about it! I should have known better. I had to take the bottom part apart so I could even try it on!

I managed to wiggle into the costume...but don't even get me started! Those pants! They fell down as soon as I moved! I think I may just have to make another pair. And the shoulders aren't even close to my real shoulders! Maybe the pattern was made for a SUPER tiny, short, no butt a child! Ha ha ha!

Also, this costume is HOT! I forgot that spandex covered plastic doesn't breathe....So I may just have to make this costume a sexy costume!

Helpful pictures of what a suffocating person might look like! 

Still, even with all the set-backs, this costume I think will look really great. I just have to try again.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fabric Fatality!!

So a while ago I was given four yards of pink silky pretty fabric...But I had no idea how horrible this stuff was....
I am now certain that this fabric came from Hell. It was woven by Satan himself.
Mwahahahahaha!!! PINK!!!
But seriously, this stuff was terrible! I tried to hem such luck, it just jammed up my machine! I tried to pin it, but the pins came popping out! I taped the stupid stuff, but it didn't stick either! And to make it even worse, It frayed like no other, and was wispy and stuck on everything nearby. Oh, did I mention I even took a lighter to it to try and burn the edges to keep them from fraying? THIS FABRIC WAS FIRE RESISTANT! Why was this made into a fabric? It would have been perfect as some sort of weapon material! I managed to sew it onto a cotton backing and that seemed to help, but seriously. It also refused to lie flat! I had absolutely no leeway with this fabric!

I was going for a Chobits Chii costume at first, (before I realized how horrible my fabric choice was) so yeah....

That's not happening....Why is it pulling in such weird places? And it looks like I sewed it totally uneven!

Would it look better shorter in the front? Nooooooo......
How about if I wear a puffy underbustle?  Now I just look....poofy!
Yeaaaaah.....Not so much....
Siiiigh....At least I only spent three hours on this dress (Yay! I'm getting better!) But seriously. This went straight into the trash.
So long Satan Fabric!

Wooly wooly!! Coat to skirt!

I had a beautiful wool coat lying around the house (I had picked it up just for a nice project like this!)
and I took it all apart!  (I forgot to take pictures....).

But hey, who would have thought all you need to do is add some lace to a skirt to make it pretty pretty?

I think it turned out pretty great! This came together so quickly! It makes me happy to know I'm getting better at this whole designing/creating thing!

Oh oh oh! Check out those socks! I got them from an Etsy seller from Iceland! They are soo cute! And wool as well....I seem to be getting a lot of wool items huh? :D

Oh, and here is the pattern booklet for all my bodysuit needs! YAY!!!

Ha ha ha, check out their faces! These leotards are serious business! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Vampire Hunter D! The quest continues!

And I think I can say I have successfully leveled up! Although I still have a lot to go...Sigh, there really is nothing like leather, it's so flattering. I love it.

This is me super excited!
And here it is with the boots!!!!
Trying to be serious....

Successful serious!

Am I striking fear into your heart yet?
I still have a ways to go, and there are only front pictures for now, because, well, the back is spotty at best! Ha ha ha!  I also have to work on my "serious face", It's so hard, I usually look tired or grumpy! Ha ha ha!

Another success!! (Unexpectedly!)

Since when did the thrift stores have so many great things? The thrift store I used to go to was so picked over, I kind of stopped going when the shirts with holes were 5 dollars...
But my friend out here happened to show me a great one really close to were I live! And look what I found!!!!!

Thigh high platform boots for 7 dollars! And they are in my size!!

So happy so happy so happy! These babies are going to be PERFECT for my Vampire Hunter D costume! (Ha ha, I couldn't resist using my parasol in these pictures!)
And check it out! I bought a leather jacket (for mere pennies) and it came with this MASSIVE ZIPPER!! So excited! It's so hard to find big long zippers that are good quality!
So long, it doesn't fit on the camera!!
Oh, and I found these fabulous pleather pants for my Asuka costume! Yay! I'm feeling so lucky today!

Blast to the past! 1920's style!

The glitz, the glamor! The scandal! The bobs! And what isn't there to love about the Charleston? However, even flappers get cold, and when that happens, there is nothing like a fabulous wool coat with fur! Especially one that I found at a thrift store for 25 bucks?

It's not a cloche, but I dug up my beret from Paris, and I think it looks great!

I'm so in love!!! Unfortunately I can't leave the house in this, I'd burn up at the beach! (Notice how pink my cheeks are? Only a small portion is makeup!)  But now I'll get to go visit my cold relatives in style!

It won't really be a scandalous post unless I showed some skin, right? :D