Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Vacation!

I went out of town for a week, and had a great time! I went to the Dali Museum and hung out with my friends Pablo and Dali!
I also ended up melting in the garden! Nooooo! Ha ha ha!
I went to some historic museum/park/beach thingy and took over a small nation! (it was only inhabited by pelicans, but they trembled in fear!!!) Yay!
I made a whale friend and we had magical times by the ocean!
Since I had so much time, I ended up sewing a large custom order of Koala ears! Then I sent my babies to Australia! Bye bye!

I also made a new Nausicaa mask (this makes the third ha ha!) and had a great time with my Ohmu friends! This mask will be going to my shop soon, I hope it goes to a great adventure's home!

Going away for Thanksgiving was perfect, I didn't have to cook anything and I had an absolute blast! It was so windy, but I think with the new hairstyle, I'll have more luck in love! Ha ha ha!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Raven Purse!

For my Lolita meetup, I wanted a new gothic purse to go with my lovely new dress I had made! I searched and searched for something that might work, when I suddenly had a inspiration to make a Raven shaped purse!
I had leftover leather from one of my costumes, and it was perfect for a small purse!

I ended up putting him together in five hours, progress photos! Ha ha!
But look at his wing! And his little silver clasp! And the zipper on the back (which looks kinda like a fanny pack, right?) is the perfect size for my phone!
I'm glad I tried him out first though, I totally forgot to sew his butt to the feathers, so all the small items in my purse fell out! Ha ha ha! I worked out all his little problems, so he was perfectly functional for the meetup!

  He's a little lumpy, but I'm okay with it since it's the first time I've made a raven purse! He's got character, and I'm sure my next one will be better!

A Very Purple Post!

I was hosting a little meetup for the Lolita com, so I really wanted to make a little dress for it!

I was so excited when I found all this pretty purple iridescent fabric! 
It ended up being the perfect day to look for fabric, everything was 50% off at the thrift store! And as I was waiting in line, a nice older man was happily chatting with me and offered to give me his 20% discount on top of the other sale! Total price? Ten dollars.
I also had a custom order from my shop for a purple butterfly headband!
The first sculpture was nice....but very simple.

I ended up sculpting another one, this time with tiny details! So shiny, so pretty! She ended up loving it!

The best part though, was my good friend surprising me by dying her hair purple! We took a lot of silly photos with props around my apartment! Purple hair twinners!!

Halloween Posty!

I know it's late, but I still have my Halloween decorations up, so I might as well post about my Halloween right?
Since I worked early in the morning I put on my costume in a hurry, but I didn't have enough time for my blood to dry!  It was hilarious because I was madly trying to keep the blood away from the leather in my car while driving to work!

The Vampire costume was such a hit at work! I brought everyone teeth, and we had a great time! It was such a comfy costume, I wish I could wear it normally! Although having blood pouring down my face might be a little disconcerting for people.....

That evening was fun too, I made bat wings (chicken wings with bbq sauce that I dyed black which activated charcoal!) pumpkin pie, apple cider and shepard's pie!

 I ended up having to buy more candy for the kids, because I ate all the candy....ha ha ha! It was a fun evening, we ended up watching Nosferatu and Coraline! See you next year Halloween!