Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stripey Dirndl Revamp!!

So I bought this beautiful dress online with the expectation that it had a lot of potential...ah hem! So! Here is the original dress!

So I played around with some ideas! Pins and lace and pins and lace!

And then I just played around! Ha ha!

Anyway, it seemed pretty easy! Lace around the middle, pulled up the shoulder straps two inches, and then sewed the bottom.

I think it looks great! It goes fabulously with that shirt too! :D

Monday, February 24, 2014

Royalty Purple Dress!

Well, I'm not actually how sure regal this dress will look, but the color really is to die for!

Want to know where I got that cute little light purple bib? From a terrible Gap tee that fell apart after one wash! Luckily the light part was made out of a better quality fabric.

This picture is the best this tee ever looked. 

Bye bye! Into the trash you go!

Oh oh oh!!! Look at how cute these little bows are!!!
Blowing little bow kisses!

They are also PERFECT for the makeshift mustache! Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I think they will look adorable around the collar! Ta ta for now!

Linen is my best friend!

The other day I posted a picture of a green linen skirt. It was really simple to put together, I just wanted to brag a little bit about it! :D

I first sewed a basic skirt shape and then made a giant ruffle to attach to the bottom. It gave it weight to the bottom, which gave it a perfect ruffly shape!

I really wanted this to look nice, so I decided to hem all the edges by hand! All. the. edges.

Whew!! But it turned out great! I feel like I could be prim and proper going to a tea party. 
Ha ha! Apparently this is what people going to tea parties look like!  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asuka Bombshell dress!!

So my Asuka costume originally was a horrible disaster! I took it apart two times and the third draft after I put it on, I completely overheated. So it looked like I needed to choose a new fabric!

I grabbed this super slinky stretchy fabric because it looked so cool!! A major bonus is that this fabric is so lightweight!  It also looked somewhat similar to this version of Asuka, so I went for it.

And it worked! I started a minor draft of the top to see if it would work! It looked great! I loved it! But I didn't like these weird stretch marks that appeared, so I tried again.

I pulled out my favorite shirt pattern. The best best best shirt in the whole world! And I made it long in the front so I could take it in later. But when I put it on, I fell in love!!!

Then I thought, why not make this an awesome dress??

I added the green (which looks fabulous!) and then the collar!

I love it!!! I pulled the hair up a little, and voila!

Hunter D Vaccum Forming trouble!!

MegaCon is just around the corner!! And my Asuka and Vampire Hunter D costumes are on the way!! I wanted to start with the buckle on his costume!

 Look at my beautiful set up!

 I sculpted the belt buckle all out of clay! Yay! 

Then I put my piece of plastic in the oven. The plastic started to melt at 250 degrees....

Just as I was about to pull my plastic out of the oven, I dropped a glass jar and it shattered into a million pieces!! And, my plastic totally melted and was ruined. Noooo!

I got another sheet, and started the whole process! But my shopvac was set up wrong and blew the air INTO the vaccum forming station instead of sucking it out! I created a giant bubble!!

So then I put the "bubble" plastic and started over! Unfortunately as soon as the plastic hit the clay, the clay melted!! I re-read the packaging on my clay, it melted at 150 degrees!!

So. Lots of mess and lots learned! I'm going to make a plaster mold next and go from there!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine day Fun!

I am so proud of my finished Dress!!! It really was finished last minute, (I got up three hours before and hemmed like a madwoman) but it held up great and I had a great time!!

 All in all, a super success!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Dress is almost done!

 I was a little unsure about how to throw this top together, so I just used one of my favorite old shirts as a basic pattern.

I wanted to have a nice ruffled back so that I wouldn't have to add a zipper (lazy dresses are the BEST), so I doubled the back of the dress pattern and then pinned where I needed to sew.

Then I realized I needed to pin it on the other side so the seam would look perfect, so....RE-PIN!!

I added the elastic one strip at a time....also I hand sewed the whole back so it would runch perfectly!

And here is the basic back and front of it now! (Excuse the dirty mirror!)

I was too lazy to get back into the dress, so here is what the top looks like after I added lace and ribbons! I love it!! I have one more day to get this done, so I just need to add the sleeves to the sucker and I'll be ready for strawberries!!

Old shirt, Revamped!!

I was looking at stuff on the internet when I came across this really beautiful lacy shirt. It said it was super big, but I thought it might be fun to try and see if I could fit it to my style! I am so excited about it since it's a linen cotton blend (I think it will be perfect for the summer!)

It was sooooo big! (oh p.s. do you like that skirt? I'm also sort of throwing it together, I'll blog about it later).

So I cut the sides apart and removed the sleeves.

Then I sewed some darts to fit around my curves, sewed the sides and voila!

I'm actually really pleased with it! I think it will look good with anything I decide to do with it!