Monday, April 29, 2013

New Costume!

It is with great pleasure I present the newest costume idea for me! I wanted to put something together for a smaller event when my little brother comes out to visit me (it'll be his first convention) and we are both really excited about dressing up!
I have decided to be Rydia from Final Fantasy 4! I love love love love this game!
And honestly Rydia is the best female hands down!


 I'm not sure which one, or if I'll decide to do a combo of both (because of course a cape would be AWESOME) but I already have my green wig on the way! Yippee!
The best part about this costume is I'll have a lot of leeway with it since the original picture (while awesome) was all cute and tiny pixels.

Wonderland skirt!

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books. It's beautifully written, incredibly imaginative and great to recite! So here I am, starting a new skirt in honor of Alice.

 So here is the basic skirt outline that I had to work with, but I wanted to add little apron ties that were the same stripes as the ones coming down from the skirt.

So first I measured the "belt" area to see where it would be best to insert the ties.

Then I sewed the ties on the inside of the seam. And then I gently folded it over to cover the zipper.

I wanted the tie to cover the top of the zipper like this!
And now I have super cute apron ties on the skirt. Yay!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elephant Love.

One of my friends bought me a nice little skirt, but had strict instructions for me to decorate it and send her lots of pictures!

I love little elephants, they are so adorable, and I decided that since this was a gift of love, I would decorate it with with little hearts.

I'm very happy with the results!
The End.

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Hats!

My friend was teasing me the other day that I've lived here for a year and I still haven't gone to the little town ten minutes away.
She's right, I just tend to overshoot and go two or three hours away to the nearest big city! But like a good friend, she ended up taking me out to lunch and to an awesome antique store!

I ended up getting two gorgeous hats which I think will be perfect to wear out and about!
First, we have the glamorous black beach hat!
Which beach will I go to today?
The only small disadvantage was that since it's so lightweight it kept blowing off my head, so I sewed a nice little strap! I think this will be great for those times when I don't want to bring my parasol with me...which happens occasionally!
Stay on my head hat!
The other hat was a perfect vintage safari hat!! I could see myself beating back rhinos and hippos with my parasol in this hat!
Is that a gorilla?
And the best part? It had a hidden mirror!!! I couldn't get over it! Because of course any woman going on a safari would need time to powder her nose before taking pictures with baboons!
I'll be just a minute!

Snail and butterflies!

So I've been really dragging my feet with this purple skirt, mostly because I had so many different designs in my head that I couldn't decide what to do with it! But I am happy to announce that it's almost done! YAY!!! It'll be such a relief to get this one finished.

I added a zipper on the side and will sew those butterflies in later. I'm pretty pleased with this one, with POCKETS! My first time sewing pockets on a dress. :D

In other news, I also decided to make another little clip to wear in my hair, I present the snail!!

It reminds me of all the good times collecting golden bugs from Zelda Twilight Princess.
"Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime..."

I have returned!

I realize it's been a while since I last wrote, I got sick for a couple of days. I ended up watching a bunch of anime including Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, and Eden of the East! Yowza! I loved the book The Count of Monte Cristo, but I forgot how sad it was. I ended up crying most of the time I was sick, watching characters die....
Anyway, I'm feeling better and happier, and it is with great happiness that I announce I finished my friend's skirt!
New Butterfly skirt!
The original template!

The fabric was a nightmare to work with (to say the least) but I think it looks fantastic! It was the first time I had to work without a pattern (I just had to eye the whole thing) but it think it turned out great!  I'm really excited to give it to my friend! I'm hoping to get some pictures of her wearing it soon so I can post them here of course!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Bunny Sweater!!

Several months ago, I asked a friend of mine if she would be willing to make me a Bunny sweater!
After hard work and much collaboration, here is the gorgeous finished project!! It makes me hop with happiness!!

Isn't it beautiful? I love the cute little bunnies on the collar, and the ears! And the wool, and the lightness of it, and well...what's not to love about this sweater??

Several several skirts!

 So as you may or may not have noticed, I have three skirts I'm working on. One for a friend, and two for me! So let's start with my friend's skirt.
It's coming along really well! The only complaint I have is that the fabric all has to be hemmed... and it's almost impossible! I'll pin it, and the pins will all pop out or the fabric will move away from where I've pinned. Siiiigh...
But I have (mostly) triumphed and successfully hemmed all but this tiny spot. I think I'm going to have to buckle down and do it by hand...
I tried four times on this sucker!
Moving along, the purple butterfly skirt I've been planning is coming along!
And to be ultra cool, I decided to add luxurious pockets!! Yeah, POCKETS! I'm excited.

Cutting the hole...

And here is the final pocket! I was so happy it turned out! Next I have to figure out how to incorporate butterflies and finish the front..

Yesterday I was talking to my friend at work, and she jokingly asked if I have a large enough closet to accommodate all the skirts I'm making!  We shall see....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Sunday in Pink!

How do you like my hair? I got this wig at MegaCon along with a blue one, but I feel like I could wear this one more often!

And in fact, I did wear it out today! I liked it a lot, it didn't tangle as much as I thought it would and it is ventilated enough that I wasn't sweating. 

I love this dress too! It's lightweight, but hangs nicely and I feel like I'm sailing the seven seas!

I have a friend who really liked the skirts I made and asked if I could make another of her favorite skirts for her! So today was fabric shopping day!
Original skirt

Replacement fabric!

I love the butterflies and I'm excited to start this one!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Alien Love Star!

I love stars.  Looking at the night sky is always something special, and with summer coming just around the corner, I'm looking forward to hot nights stargazing on the beach!
With that in mind, I decided to pick up some embroidery again and make a little happy image in space! 
Alien Star!
 And obviously who loves stars most? Little green men!
Filled in star!
Or in this case, little green man!
Flying away!
Flying on a star in space, what could be more romantic? Nothing.
I'm debating whether I should make a brooch or a nice large hair pin....decisions decisions!