Thursday, July 30, 2009

beth jean houghton

Beth Jean Houghton is a little hippie singer from the UK.
She is going to save the world from unhappy songs with her light happy voice and cute acoustic sound!
If you need a song to relax with, really try her trippy music!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I've been trying to listen to new music and just happened upon the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
They are edgy, they are crazy, they are brilliant!!!
The lead singer gets so into her performance, it's incredible to watch!
And speaking of watching it, this video is fantastic!

A New Blog is Born.

I decided that since I really enjoy talking about life and the universe in general, I might as well just start blogging now.
This is a blog of interesting thoughts, ideas and whatever else comes to my head.
And since I live in New York and seem to have a knack for getting myself into crazy situations, this is the next step!!