Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let's make a hood! Hoodie time!

As you may have noticed, I loooooooove bunnies. Love love love them. And I love making them a part of my wardrobe in as many ways as possible.
This time it's for a hood!

I made a mock-up hood from some fabric I had lying around.  It took a couple times, but I finally got it down!

And then I realized I was wearing my friend's bunny sweater she had made me. With a hood. Ha ha ha ha! I guess I could have just use her hood instead. Oh well!

Look at this fabric!! I'm totally in love! Thank you Etsy for sending me fabulous fur!

Then I sewed it all together, and added the massively long bunny ears....And decided I needed to semi-start over again! It wasn't sitting right, and I had to take a lot of it in! I looked like a weird huntress....Thankfully photoshop fixes everything!

But here we go! Much shorter ears, and I decided to make them stand up straight. When they were floppy, I kinda looked like a wolf.

I thought this would come in handy in case I need to act out as a wonderland rabbit!!

It's Butterflying time!

Ah yes, I have finally finished my butterfly dress!! And what can I say? I'm desperately madly helplessly in love!

All those hand sewed origami butterflies. My bloody fingertips, my weeping eyes, so much went into this dress! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding, but it did take a long time.

And just for fun, here is a wig to go with the photos! Wheeee! This dress is so fabulous, I want to wear it out and about and take a vogue photoshoot!

Wearing this dress makes me want to make more artsy dresses like this! I'll have to think about it....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let's Dye with Coffee!!

What could be better than coffee? It's beautiful scent, it's soothing color and the kick of caffeine when you really really need to make it to the end of your work day!

Remember this shirt? I bought it on ebay and took it in. It's a linen cotton blend and perfect for hot days! I love it (it's super lightweight and fits like a dream) but the color is pretty terrible.

So! I researched all the internet to find out how to dye this shirt! Everybody had different ways to do it, so I jumbled it all together and started a brew!

All of the instructions that I read had all these different ideas about how to make the coffee color stick ie: ash soda, vinegar, salt, etc... so I just used vinegar since I had that around. I used about a cup of it and let it soak in!

Then I added the coffee....and I didn't make enough! This is about 10 cups all together with the second batch! (Bye bye decaf coffee!) I really wanted the color to be dark, so I left it in there (it was around boiling) for 20 mins.

I pulled it out, washed it with warm water and tiny detergent, then let it dry!

Voila! Much better!

Purple shirt, green skirt!

After I decided to make all my clothes because I was sick of nothing fitting right, I have never had so much fun deciding what to make next! It used to take me hours and hours to find even a shirt that I thought I would wear, and don't even get me started on dresses!

So here is another shirt I've been working on!! Ta daaaaa!

 I still have a few things to add, (buttons to the slit at the bottom and sleeves) but I think it's well on it's way! I love that middle bib!

Oh, but the best part about this shirt? It's a pull-on! Yay!! No nasty zippers or painful buttons, just nice elastic around the middle part!

Obviously I'm taking this photoshoot veeeeeeery seriously. Very. Serious. Ha ha.

This skirt was actually a complete replica (minus the adorable green flower print) of a brown skirt I wore out, and it's PERFECT!

Just look what I can do with it! I can become steampunk person! Watch out! I have a bow and leather vest!

Or I can stop and pick some carnations from my vase on the table. How romantic!

The possibility are endless, but for your sake, this post is not. Ta ta for now!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Butterfly dress update!

I know I have been quiet the past couple of days, but I promise I've been doing things! I took a two day break from everything and just ended up cleaning, sleeping and playing video games.

But those butterflies weren't going to fold themselves, so here is the (almost) finished product!

Yay!!! Thirty butterflies and five hours later (I hand sewed all of these, *phew!*) here they are pinned on the dress!!

I am sooooo pleased with the result! Now to hand sew them all on... :D

Here is the top with a vintage collar I won on ebay! (I love you ebay!) I think it looks so frilly and pretty! 

Anyway, it's almost finished, and so soon I'll wear it out and have some nice photos. Oh, speaking of wearing things out and about, here is the polka dot skirt on the beach! With a friend! At our own little picnic!

P.s. she made that cute little skirt! It has tiny hot air balloons and is adorable!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dye Aventures!!!

Okay, so I had this really drab browish-tweed fabric so I decided that since my silk fabric dye could also dye wool, I'd give it a shot!

First thing I forgot, wool gets super heavy when it gets heavy that it collapsed my makeshift closeline strung from one end of the bath to the shower head!
In my haste to catch it, I forgot that it was DYE and that I had no gloves on. I became a purple monster!!

After madly trying to wash off the dye, I remembered my trusty dying pot, so I shoved the fabric in the pot! I then remembered that the dye would probably be splotchy so I added some rubbing alcohol to the mix to try and even out the color....

Basically it looks like the shadiest thing in the world. It looks like I murdered someone in my bathtub!!  On another note, I let the fabric dry overnight on my showerhead...

The next day I had to set the color with either a steam machine or ironing each section for 3 mins.

It actually ended up being really easy to iron! It ended up taking a while, but the color looks great with a purple undertone.  Ha ha ha! I totally wanted to dress up for this part and take silly pictures! It was a dream come true!
See you next time!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Butterfly dress start!

I found this goooorgeous butterfly fabric online and I just had to have it!! I love the olive color tones!

I don't have the bottom half of the skirt attached yet. Ha ha! I feel like I'm on one of those weight loss commercials!
Now with nifty belt and pins for the lace neckline, here is a general feel for it!  On a related note, who doesn't love Minori? She is the best ever! She adds butterflies, flowers, lace, poofiness and looks gorgeous all. the. time! She is so inspiring to add more beautiful things to my wardrobe. So I wanted to add butterflies!!

Oh, and the best part? I found origami butterfly instructables! Yay! Click Here!!

My first attempt..and second!

Finally moving onto the fabric I want! Now only a million more to go......

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The pink Ghost shirt!

I bought this shirt online since it said it was a nice silk medium sized shirt. Okay, this was a total lie! It wasn't silk, (which is fine) but it was MASSIVE. I look like a sad ghost!

Look at that side view! The only great thing about this shirt is that it matches that headband!

Anyway, I took out (once again) my favorite black shirt.  I bought this shirt for five dollars for work, but it has been perfect for any top pattern since!

And here we goooo!!!

Yay! Now it fits perfectly!

Oh oh oh! And the best part? It matches perfectly with my vintage dirndl! Yay!