Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dracula Dental work and fake blood!

I'm going for the throat of the matter and coming out of the coffin, All Vampires Love being covered in fake blood. The internet is so helpful in coming up with ideas for drenching yourself in lovely blood, but I noticed all of them had three common ingredients. Corn syrup, corn starch, food coloring.  Since I'm pretty sensitive to artificial dyes, I thought I'd make my own using good ole beets!
The results were.....uninspiring. I watched it carefully, but it ended up looking like fry sauce? It left me in a bat temper!
I tried again, but this time I used some of my red makeup! It looks good, right?

What can I say? I'm a bloody genius! Ha ha ha ha! And it's tasty too! I have to be careful not to overindulge!
I also found a really really cheap-o "family vampire heirloom" that I ended up repainting! You think it's silver? Actually it's white gold, which I prefer, it doesn't burn my flesh!

But the best part is that I found a non-toxic fake teeth glue! (click here!) Now I can go out for a bite to eat!
And now, just for fun practice vampire makeup!!

I never! 

Cursed? No, the evening is the only time I feel alive!

Vampire Teeth! Love at first bite!

Or so it was supposed to be. See those nice shiny teeth? I got them at a cheap-o Halloween store and they were supposed to use silicone to kinda just rest on your teeth. But of course, they used a super super cheap silicone that never. dried. Never. And it tasted horrible.
So, I thought, well, I can improvise, right? I decided to try and melt some plastic into the hollow part of the teeth and then quickly put it on my teeth! Voila! New teeth!
Except it didn't go quite as planned..... Because melting plastic into a small tooth hole is really really hard!
Ah! Fire! How lovely!

Plus the fire kinda got out of hand, and I ended up melting a bunch of plastic onto my hands!!! And for some reason it wouldn't come off of my hands, so I ended up having a million plastic specks on my hands!

 And the tooth was ruined. Nooo! I called my Dad up for sympathy, and he thought it was so funny, he said I should dress up with just one tooth and be a homeless vampire!!!! Ha ha ha! Well, here's for you Dad!

Anyway, I ended up getting a pack (yes, vampire teeth come in packs!) of teeth so I could mess around with them! I ended up cutting gums into them, melting them a little bit and Hey presto! Vampire teeth!

 Oh oh oh, and the best part? They glow in the dark! Mwhahahahaha!

Yeah baby! I know that the love I have for these teeth will not be in vein! Or will they? Mwhahahha!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A wand for Ravenclaw!

This morning I woke up and felt inspired to make a wand! Luckily for me, I had an extra chopstick and sculpty clay!

Sculpt, sculpt, sculpt! Ta daaaaaaa!

Then it dried and the first coat of paint went on! 
Painty, painty, painty, paint! Spell to paint the red chopstick green? No problem! Ah hem, *Greenius coverious!*

And finished! I added a couple of runes to make it more magically potent. It worked like a charm! (heh heh)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Etsy Store opens!!! Ears, bows, and unicorns!

I've been tossing around the idea of opening my own shop for a while now, but this is the first time my life has been stable enough for me to try!
I'm so proud/happy that it's finally happening! This is just the beginning of what I'd like to sell, I'd like to start making more leather hats, making unique clothes, and selling props. I'd also like to do commissions for unusual pieces of clothing.
 Oh, look how fun though!! I made my own little light box to take fabulous photos with! It's really nice to have perfectly lit pictures now!
 Unicorn bow is ready to party with the Stars!! 
I also had fun doing a little photo shoot on the beach for my bows! Wheee! (although I ended up taking too long, got sunburned and was madly taking photos as fast as possible at the end! Ha ha ha!)
Lightbox photo!

In a box photo!
I crocheted and felted little horns to go with some monster ears I really wanted to make. Because honestly monsters = awesome!
Oh, I also had fun felting some little roses and making cat ears. Nyah nyah!

Oh oh, remember those unicorn shoes I was making? I decided to finish painting sir unicorn so I could wear it with my Ravenclaw costume! I'm so excited to take pictures with my friend (Slytherin!) maybe later this week (hopefully!).

Anyway, I'll blog again soon, with more photos, and probably more costumes (it' been a whole month since I've gone to a convention *gasp*!) Ta ta~

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ravenclaw headband!

This will be a short post since I've been busy this week, but last night I had some fun putting together  a little raven for my ravenclaw outfit!

I actually started sewing around one of those cheap-o Halloween crows from the store before I remembered I needed to take a photo!

This was pretty easy, I just folded and sewed and folded and sewed. The eye was a button I took off of an old dress! He's got a twinkle in his eye!

Here is a slightly blurry generalized photo of what it will look like...sorry about the quality, it was late! :D 
As soon as I get my shop up and running, I'll post more projects! 'Till then!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ravenclaw costume!

My favorite holiday, Halloween, is coming up!! I couldn't be more excited for all the parties, candies and delicious delicious pumpkin beer!!
Oh, and of course, all those fun costumes! I always make my own costume, and luckily for me, my friends and I are going to a Harry Potter themed tea party!
So I'm gonna get my Ravenclaw on!!
I went to the thrift store and found this beautiful pure silk dress for 7 dollars. Eh heh heh! Cut and sew! Done.

I really wanted to make an actual claw on my skirt! So I sewed a little circle onto the skirt with shimmery fabric.
Then I took some shiny silver fabric and sewed it all around to make it look like a magic mirror!

I took some wire and made a little skeleton of the foot, and then sewed black fabric around it.
Next I added some real feather to the top, added some claws, and sewed it all to the frame!

I love it! It looks better than I even imagined.
Next time, top and accessories!