Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Dressy Dress!!

After putting together that antler headdress, I kind of wanted to make a dress to go along with it! And since I've never successfully made a dress before, I thought I might as well try!
Yay for dresses!!
It actually came together really quickly, I guess I was really excited! So excited I forgot to take any pictures....but hey! I decided to add a million little ruffles in the front, so I took some photos of that process!

It came together so quickly, it made me wonder why I've ever bothered with dress patterns!
It's not finished yet (I'm not staying up all night again!) but here are some "sneak peek" photos anyway! (Sorry if I look a little awkward, I'm trying to avoid being stuck by pins!)

Three cheer for fun sewing times!!! Yay!!

Suddenly inspired!

I feel like I took a break from a lot of my crafty fun and haven't felt very inspired.  I ended up watching a bunch of anime and star trek so now I am back and revitalized!
First up! Check out this headband!!! I was so excited about the antlers I got over vacation, I just had to use them! It actually ended up being really easy to put together!

I used a small piece of empty plastic milk carton, melted two holes with my hot glue gun and then pushed the antlers through while the plastic was hot. Then I covered the plastic with a piece of leather and used some beautiful quilted fabric for the rest of the headband!

The only thing that took a while was hand sewing the whole thing! I ended up staying up until 3 in the morning finishing it! I'm not sure why I did that, but here are a bunch of pictures of me wearing it!

Yay for Lolita style! Now I just have to wear this someplace...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Off we go!

I ordered an awesome vintage pilot's suit a month ago, but with the fact that my package was coming from the Netherlands and Christmas, it didn't arrive until today!!

And it looks really fabulous!!!

I had a pilot's suit before and I wore it out! I loved it so! I'm so happy to get another one! I think this one will require me taking in a lot of it, and I'd love to embroider some planes flying around and puffy clouds, but for now, it's perfect!!

Asuka, Asuka, Asuka...

I have great plans for this costume, but since I have to make it more breathable (aka: Sexy) I'm kind of dissecting it! I had to cut off the sleeves, I think I'm going to just make some long gloves instead. Also, I think I will cut more around the orange bra so I can have more air to breathe! Also, I'm trying to come up with ways to make the black part look less like a belly monster and more like a space suit....

My sewing machine keeps acting up, but I think with a little tweak here and there, this costume will be happily on it's way! Also, isn't that wig cute? I love love love it! Arda Wigs is the absolute best!

Pillow or Sachet?

I was commissioned to embroider, sew and stuff sachets for keeping essential oils right by your bed! Notice the cute little pocket to add a little cotton ball full of good smelling lavender!

I used organically USA grown cotton for the entire pillows! Yay for good feels when sewing! I embroidered so many little pillows!  

By the end of the embroidering I was getting pretty creative! I think they are so cute! I'm not quite finished, but I think only one more afternoon and they will be done and shipped off!

Projects Onward Ho!

Remember that nice warm cowl I crocheted for my protection against cold cold Michigan? Well, I liked it so much that I decided to crochet a smaller version! I think I could wear this normally in Florida, as long as it isn't during the summer!

I decided that I wanted to make the green part as pretty as the flower part so I did a nice star stitch that I looked up on youtube (thanks CrochetGeek!).

Oh yeah, I found these great pair of antlers at an antique mall and a friend of mine cut them from the skulls and drilled some holes in them! Well, the larger ones at least! I think these will be perfect for a future headdress, but for now, they are just fun to put on my head!  

Itty bitty shorts!

December was crazy, but I got a lot done! Yay for progress!!
First up, these crochet shorts! I was supposed to finish them (aka: add buttons) but I had so much to do before I left that I ended up not bringing them.

But aren't they cute? I love the little puffs!! I got the general guidelines on how do crochet puffs from This was fun, I liked working with this worsted yarn.

And the best part? The fleece on the inside having sheep all over it! These babies were made for cold weather!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas is OVER!! So happy!

I usually try to skip Christmas since it's such. a. big. deal. and I just don't like stressing about it. However, this year I kinda had to since I was celebrating with family! Oh man, I ended up crocheting shorts, sewing/embroidering what seemed like a million pillows, shopping and wrapping plus everything else! I'll post pictures on my next post, but here is a small pic fest of my adventures in the cold! 

I have high hopes for this new year!! Bring it on 2014!!