Monday, July 29, 2013

Antler update!

I had some fun today with a birthday present I was sent! Yay for getting older! And for awesome impressionist activity books with fantastic masks!

My next step was to paint the green polka dots on Kyu's horns. I really wanted to incorporate all those pretty squares somehow into the costume, so I decided to paint them on the antlers!
First I traced a circle with whatever I had lying around. In this case a lipstick. :D

Then I wrapped the paper around the antler and started painting!

And painting!

I painted the bottom gold, but the black still is coming through so it doesn't look tacky.

I was going to post some photos of my dress, but I forgot to take pictures of it and it's rather late where I am. Next time!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Crafty Day! Horns and shoes!

So! First off! I cut the soles off of the tall leather shoes. Look at my cute little socks.
These are my indoor shoes! :D
I bought some keds at a store for cheap, and decided to try and glue them to the leather tops! Wood glue all the way!

I used twisty ties while waiting for the glue to dry. Do you like them? I got them from my work!
Oh, also, I'm so proud of my lovely hand sewn glove! It's perfect. The best part is that it's really comfortable and fully functional!
I finally went out and got some screws and screw holders for my horns.  This part was pretty easy, I just heated up my horns and added the screw holders! The only challenge was measuring where the screws were going to be poking out and cuttings holes in my wig (really scary! I was afraid it was all going to unravel!). It turned out great!
I look like an alien invader! Take me to your leader!   
Measuring and cutting the holes for the screws!
And the awesome result!
I'm really excited about painting the green on these!
The only sad part is that the wood glue shoes didn't end up working too well, so I think I'm going to have to sew the shoes to the leather as well as finishing my second glove....oh well. My next post I'll show me revamping the dress and depending on how late I stay up, I may have more! :D
 Dragoncon, here I come!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kyu Costume update!

I have several different projects going on!
First off, my glove is almost done! All I have to do it attach the thumb and it'll be ready to go!
My friend also tried to drill holes into a headband for me.  I needed them so I could screw my horns onto only half worked. Luckily I have another headband so he said he'll try again!
I also decided that the horns were a little too short and thick, so I stretched them and I think they look really good!
The next part is the dress, and since I want to make the top a little stiff, I made a mini top out of this great fabric!
I'm actually kinda sad that I covered this fabric up, I'm definitely going to make another dress out of this!
Then I covered it with the light purple fabric, and some shiny gauzy fabric, added some purple elastic straps and called it awesome!
I actually think I may make it a little less poofy, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy Day in Florida!

It's been rainy rainy rainy all week long!

I have been waiting for these boots for the past week! I was hoping to use them for DragonCon, but after three minutes I realized that it would be impossible. Actually so impossible, that I think I may have to cannibalize these boots and start over! Noooooo! Ha ha ha ha, although I always like to have another project, these would have to be taken completely apart and back onto another pair of shoes. I think I may just do that!

Also, since it's been rainy, I decided to make the gloves for my costume. My sewing machine is a little...too finicky to sew any details with leather, so I've been hand sewing them so far!

Ta ta for now!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Q feathers!

As some of you may or may not have noticed, Q has some pretty pink feather things on either side of her head.
And I just had to have them! So! A simple-ish way to make some nice clip-on feathers!
What you need is a lot of pink! Pink thread, feathers and pink felt!

Then you sew a nice little pear shape (I did mine by hand.)

Then you push it inside out.

Then attach the clip you will be using.
Forgot to take a picture until after the fact!
After all, it's the time-intensive part. I sewed all those little feathers by hand starting at the top...whew! And since I was hanging out with my friend it took me a loooooong time.

But hey! Doesn't it look great?

Now to do the other side....sigh. :D

Craft book!

I had been waiting and waiting for this book to arrive and it finally did!!! So exciting!!

I wanted to start sewing some skirts and dresses (because they are cute) and because I want to try and sell them online. There is no downside to this because if no one buys them, I'll have a bunch of adorable dresses to wear!
The first thing I noticed about this book is that the patterns came in one giant printed sheet. I couldn't cut out one pattern without ruining all the rest! Noooooo!
So I ran to the nearest craft store and got some cheap-o tracing paper...

And and hour later I had this giant pile!

Then I pulled out my cute fabric (isn't it adorable?? Love it! It's called Liliput Flowers) and started cutting...and pinning...and adding lace.

To be continued!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New costume! Kyu from C: Control!

So I realize that it's been a while since I've blogged and for good reason. It can all be summed up in one sad sentence. Three weeks of working overtime and only three days off!!! Which is just terrible horrible.
I finally got a day off today and am proud to say I only left to get the mail! Ha ha ha!
Which turned out to be the best idea ever since my wig came for my new costume!

I'm also happy to announce that my birthday gift this year is going to DragonCon!! So excited!!
I actually started ordering all the items for this next costume before I knew I was going... I fell in love with this anime the first time I watched it! Plus who doesn't want to wear antlers? Everyone wants to wear antlers!!
So to measure how long the antlers needed to be, I used this picture as a reference. The antlers measure to be about the same length as her face.

I'm using good ole InstaMorph again, but my Rydia headdress (while great) was a little on the heavy side. Just be on the safe side, I wanted to make these antlers hollow. I molded some antler looking shapes out of tinfoil and covered it with duct tape to reinforce it.

I quickly realized that I wouldn't actually be able to get the duct tape out of the Instamorph, so I spread thin pieces on both sides of the molds I had made.

Then, before Instamorph set, I pulled it off of the form. I added side pieces to hold the two antler pieces together.

I had to let the bottom of the antlers cool off by setting  them in the Instamorph containers!

And there you have it!