Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Post!

Happy Easter everyone! I have celebrated by eating a bunch of blueberry pie and going to the beach! Delicious!
And I am pleased to announce the completion of the mushroom skirt!
Carrot anyone?
I added bows and ruffles and the end result looks great!
A bunny repose!
Ruffles and fluff!

I am tickled pink about this skirt! I can't wait to wear it around the town!

Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Make a bow!

Bows. They define how cute you are. With just one simple bow, you can go from blah to bam! You seem shinier, more beautiful than ever before.

Before Bow

After Bow!

So how can you make yourself look fabulous? With this simple instruction!
 First! Sew yourself a nice rectangle.
I have a thing for those four corners!

 Next sew a nice long skinny rectangle.
I always make mine a little longer than I think I need!
Then wrap the long rectangle around the fat rectangle. Sew the ends of the long rectangle together behind the big rectangle.
I am a pretty bow!
Magnificent! Your bow is ready for whatever you need! Attach it to a clip, attach it to a dress!
So beautiful and versatile!
Next time: the finishing touches on my skirt! And maybe a regular life update.
Sneak peek!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Mushroom fix!

I think I talked about it before, but the I original skirt I had was a little too short, plus the fabric was a little cheap.
Cute ribbons, but the color....

I took it apart and added some off-white lace I had lying around.

Lacy lacy lace!

 Don't worry boys and girls, sewing is fun!! And yes, I do sew on the ground sitting on a pillow!
Everyone can sew!

I wanted a nice forest green or a light blue for the bottom. I ended up getting both, but I think I'll be making another skirt with the light blue!
Too much is better than too little!
 I sewed about two yards of cloth together for the bottom half (which is a lot of fabric!). I wanted to make sure that if I wanted to I could fiddle around with the skirt.

It ended up being perfect because I decided to add ruffles! Who doesn't love ruffles? Everyone loves ruffles!! I think I may even add some more to the bottom of the skirt!

The color is much improved and I think that it is coming along swimmingly! I think I may add some bows as well... Might as well right? 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Apple Red skirt is so much fun!

This skirt came together so quickly, I felt like I didn't really take enough pictures of how much fun it was to make! Next time I'll do better.
Hello! The perfect whimsical skirt!
I love this skirt already! It's very comfortable and a little sexy. Also, aren't the shoes great?? I just got them in the mail! I'm excited to walk around in them!
Going to take owl for a walk!
I keep my iron in that little basket next to owl, so lucky you, you get to see it!
Two bows for double fun!
And one last photo of hanging out in the coolest skirt with owl in a basket!
What will I make next?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hatsume Festival!

Today I went to the Hatsume Fair! It was a celebration of Japan in the Morikami gardens, with delicious food, drums and little booths! They also encourage people to dress up, and since I can never pass up that sort of opportunity, here are some pictures!

I'm the one in the yellow dress!
Sailor moon forever! 
The lovely gardens!
It was really fun, and I had a bunch of people asking for my picture! 

Red Skirt!

I was excited about this red lacy fabric! It reminds me a lot of the Spanish lacy photos with elegant women!
mantilla, mantillas
Of course my cheap-o 100% polyester lace is not as gorgeous as this, but the effect will (hopefully!) bring some of that old style beauty.

First off I sewed a simple underskirt that I could later add the lace on top!
Side view!
And I have no idea why, but my camera made this color look like I bought neon pink fabric! It's really a nice apple red. I made a nice waistband on top (it's pinned, to be sewed soon!).

Halfway through sewing the waistband, I decided it would be a good idea to add sort of a apron to the side of the skirt just to mix it up a bit! I added a edge of lace to the outer layer. 
The pictures don't really show how cool this is going to look...I think I'll post some pictures of me in the skirt next time! 
To be continued!

I'm Back!!

Sorry about the lack of posts, I've been minorly busy with life, but I'm back with some photos of new projects! YAY!
Since summer is just around the corner, I'm planning on sewing a bunch of new skirts for me to wear at the Farmer's market. It's going to be ridiculously humid come July and I want to look stylish and still be cool!

So! My newest skirt is a Mushroom flavored one!
I really wanted a skirt that had a frilly nature to it. So I cut a piece of cardboard to match how I wanted the skirt to fall.
Then I cut little lines, folded them and sewed!
Next I wanted a lacy edge, so I took some of our leftover curtain fabric, bunched it together and sewed it to the bottom of the edge.
Then I added ribbon and a bottom of the skirt and: TA DA! Finished!

Looks great! I'm still not sure if I'm in love with the green bottom, I may be doing a follow-up of revamping the skirt, but so far, so good!

Monday, March 18, 2013

MegaCon at Last! MegaCon Forever!

This past weekend was so much fun! It was great to go to Universal Studios, and I couldn't believe how much fun MegaCon was!! So without further ado, I present some fantastic pictures of this past weekend!

It was so much fun! I am going to the next one as soon as I can!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nausicaa mask!

It is with greatest pleasure that I announce the finishing touch of my beautiful gas mask!!!! Yay!

So pretty! So exciting!

And with this, I am totally prepared to go to MegaCon!!!!

Forest Friends Skirt!

I went straight to the kid's fabric section at the fabric store and  was so excited when I came across this fabric! I wanted to sew it into a skirt as soon as I saw it!

I got the bunny buttons from the kid's section (aka the best section in any store) and sewed it in a night!

Add caption

I'm excited that my job will let me wear this kind of thing to work. I'm hoping to make many more!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gask Mask!!

This was so exciting!! Nausicaa's gas mask is so cool, and I just wanted to try making one!
Courtesy of

First off, I took a nice plastic circular container. I cut out the front part (I originally thought I would be using it for the mask.) Then I measured the leather to make it fit around it.

 Next was to sew the front of the mask together ( I broke two needles on this part!).

 Then was to add one flap, and then the other!

 And the final part of the front was to sew some black mesh in the holes (so I could breathe but look cool still!)
I sewed it slightly crooked, but hey, it still looks awesome!
The next part will be to sew the connecting straps to it!