Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jellyfish Meetup!

There was a great Year of the Sheep celebration happening at the Japanese gardens, and our little group decided to do a meetup! I was happy (and lucky!) enough to be twinning! Nothing like being super matchy matchy with someone!

I had the Lost at Sea dress, but I really wanted to have a haunted headdress to go with it! So I made a little ship out of paper mache and glue sticks, then I added details with apoxie sculpt! I painted it all pretty and added some ribbons to boot!

I was also lucky enough to find this silver purse at the thrift store for two dollars! I added a million ribbons to it, and here is jellyfish bag!

It was so fun meeting up with everyone and I really want to twin again sometime!

Happy Year of the Sheep! --Yuki the sheep ring

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