Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lolita Dress! How to Take something almost...and make it awesome!

A couple of years ago, I decided to buy a dress that I thought had a lot of potential! I really wanted to wear it around town and (since it was dirt cheap) not worry about it getting dirty!

What can I say, the dress was so fun! I ended up wearing it to Universal studios, which was great! You can see photos of it here.

However, I really wanted to be able to make this a little more acceptable to wear (ha ha ha! Lolita style-wise anyway!) and try wearing sweet Lolita for the first time! I happened to find some chiffon with some lovely printed butterflies, that I thought would be perfect for adding a little dimension!
 It came with a little black apron that I decided to do away with, leaving the front open and pretty!
I took off the lace, added some chiffon with butterflies to the skirt and top and took oversized collar! I took the sleeves in (dramatically) and added bows, bows bows!!

I think it will work out perfect for my meetup! Sorry about the night-lit picture, I'm somewhat of a vampire, but I'll brave the sunshine soon for better pictures soon!

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