Friday, December 19, 2014

Unicorn Purse! Finished and Frilly!

I love unicorns so so much, (as I'm sure I mentioned previously) and had to make myself a purse to go with the rest of my unicorn outfit!

First I went to the local thrift store and found this gem! No stains, brand new, and 100% leather for only two dollars! Yay!
It had his cute little pocket thingy on the front that I had to remove so I could add the unicorn to the front! Bye bye!
I then sketched out a couple of unicorns to see what would look best. This was the winning design!

In order to trace it perfectly, I cut out the head and traced it with paint onto a piece of leather.
After that I added some black highlights and the rose petals!
I found some red ribbon and extra lace, and bam! Purse complete!!

I love it sooooooo much! It took me about two days to figure out which design would work best, but overall, it was a fun project!

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