Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unicorn outfit start!

I have a holiday Lolita meetup, so I wanted to make it totally unicorn themed! I found an ornament on ebay and went on a bidding war for it!
I have big plans for it! I'm totally doing a veil/bow for me to wear!
Since my veil fabric is a sage color (leftover from my Aigitha costume!) I also really wanted to add little wristcuffs to tie the outfit together!
 First I crafted little unicorns, then I decided I want to try enameling them. I had green, but it went decidedly blue! Also, it didn't seems to make a difference from my other oil based paints.....I like the part where the apoxie sulpt looked it it was burned?? And I thought that stuff was invincible!
Anyway, I used this great tutorial for the wrist cuffs here! This is the first one and I love it!

I was also busy making this custom piece from my shop! Feathers and peacocks galore!

And here is another piece where I added a little fabric brooch to this wooly sweater! So cute! I wish I could keep it!

Anyway, more magic to come soon!

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